Madeline Deveroux was born into her role as a musician - her singer mother met her guitar-playing father in their high school band called "The Phoenix". She has been exposed to music throughout her entire life and is the great grand daughter of Robert Goulet, A Grammy, Tony and an Emmy award winner, whose music and acting career spanned almost six decades. 

In 2014, Madeline released "Out Tonight" nationally ranking on the top 40 Mediabase radio charts. Following the release, she toured around the U.S, opened for Sam Hunt, Dia Frampton and other artists. 

After returning from her radio tour at the end of 2015, Madeline discovered her true calling for the songwriting industry. "I was in my Junior year of High School and my songwriting skills took me beyond what I was ready for. When I was offered to start touring as an artist, I had a completely different outlook on the music industry and at that moment I didn't know who I was. After experiencing the fast passed music business, I quickly developed a knowledge about the industry that many do not discover in their lifetime. I struggled a lot with defining my genre of music because I have a deep passion for many genres and I realized that I needed to take a step back and decide who and what kind of musician I wanted to be." (Madeline Deveroux)

Since then Madeline has been developing new production skills, writing new material, jamming with other artist and even has been featured on various artist tracks. She is currently working on a brand new album set to be released in 2020. 



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