Lets Talk Music - Introduction


I'm excited to announce that I will be officially:

blogging/ vlogging

  • Advice in the Marketing & Music World

  • Bringing in special featured artists sharing their tips

  • & of course my own personal stories for your amusement and inspiration

First, I want to start off by saying - in no way do I think I know everything about the music industry but I will say I have experienced a lot both behind the scenes, in a band, in a studio, radio and touring. I've also had the pleasure of having phenomenal conversations with some music legends. ( I will be sharing in upcoming articles )

Here is the first Vlog Introduction as well as more info explained below:

What I'll Be Sharing

Pretty much anything and everything. I'll share experiences I've had (both bad and good), people I've met, things I've learned and anything I can give of value.

Why I'm Doing this

5 years ago I would have never pictured myself starting a blog, to be honest I pictured someone else running one for me while I toured the world! It was about a year and a half ago when I had my "light bulb" go off. I was at a convention for success coaching and one of the speakers spoke about purpose. The group activity was to share with everyone why we did what we did. My first thought was "well I like music, I've played music my whole life and people seem to like it."

I had been a touring musician and was growing rapidly. After launching my single, "Out Tonight" on national radio I was getting approached left and right. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Wrong - It was a whirl wind of drama, stress and lawyers. It was so brutal that I actually turned away from music for about 6 months. I tried to "redirect" my life and landed a high ranked position at a top level company as a marketing manager. I learned my true skill and passion for the world of marketing (I'll go into more detail later). Long story short, after some hard life lessons I realized my purpose is to inspire. So, how? That part took some thinking, but finally after nights of no sleep, meditation frenzies and bouncing around from career to career, the last dot connected.

In life we are each given a purpose along with a talent that will help live out that purpose. The struggle in life is that we get so lost in the whats and ifs we forget to find what we feel is right.

No book, no movie, no web search can give you yours - really you're the only one who can discover that.

What I discovered, was that I want to inspire people, make them smile, help them find themselves and I can do that in big was by blogging and sharing some insight/ inspiration to some in desperate need, and writing music that connects to that listener who just needed someone to be able to put the way he or she felt into a song, realizing that no matter what they are not alone. We all coexist in this phenomenal world.

So join me!

SHARE with me any of your experiences ( I will try to share and feature as many people I can)

LEARN by reading and watching videos I'll post each weak (subscribe to my youtube channel)

ASK for advice by emailing me (madelinedeveroux@gmail.com)

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