Services Offered:

Lyrical Writing

Option One: Full Song 

Option Two: Lyric refining - Have lyrics but need them slightly editted for more marketable material

Song Hooks

Best option for EDM & Hip Hop artists 

Will provide hook in WAV file seperate from mp3 so it can be editable


This is the best option for someone who has a song idea, instrumental or idea but needs help on creating a catchy melody. Also includes harmonies or back up vocals.


If you are looking to make your song radio ready its not always about the recording quality. There is a science to song structure. 

Full Song 

Option One: Full song demo from current Catalog

Option Two: Customized 


The cost of every project depends on the complexity, quality and time spent. For a quote please fill out the form.

Option One: You own 100% rights ($$)

Option Two: You own 50/50 of copyrighted material ($)

For more information please email